Tibor as efficiency seeker

Tibor Moravcik
When I used to be an elite athlete (member of Slovakian National team of Kick-boxing & Karate), I found the limits of my body: especially with tension but also the necessary recovery time. I felt that if I did not recover properly I could get injuredinflammationcramp or other problems.
I found that massage was method which relaxed me, allowed me training more, get rid of pain, made me more supple, improve my recovery – positives comes with cascade effect.
I studied at the Academy of Education in ‘Milosrdnych Bratov’ hospital Bratislava (Slovakia), where I certified as a sports massage therapist. When I came to England I became a member of Complementary Therapists Association (it including Insurance of Professional Liability).
Athletes are kind of warriors and have same aim: be more efficient – dynamicstronger harder but also healthier. For me is really helpful that I am also professional martial art instructor. This two professions merge to support each other. It let me see human body from different perspectives and improve my feeling and power – basic precondition for great Sports Massage Therapy.


It’s unbelievable how much you can increase your performance by the feeling in your body.
You can control you tension with your mind. You can use bodywave (kinetic energy of your body). This energy is underutilised despite it’s massive influence.Your movement could be smoother & more precise.
With feeling, control of tension, bodywave, or how to generate the power with least effort possible works Russian Systema (Martial Arts).  I am also certified Systema instructor by Vladimir Vasiliev.
Systema strengthening could shows a new dimension of dynamic exercise so important for a warrior.
It also teaches how breathing can be helpful to cope with stress & pain.

I am an open minded guy, so studied the Chinese method of efficiency & vitality . I am Sifu of Wing Chun Kung Fu, which interrelates with healthy programme known as Qi-gong..