Ron, age 52 – (Teacher)

I had never had a massage until a friend recommended Tibor to ease some tenseness in my back. It was a great success and I now have a regular massage once a week – not because I´m in pain and need it – but as a combination of a treat to relax me and as a precautionary measure. I run 5km a couple of times a week and train a bit at the gym and I know from painful experience that it is easy to tense up and pick up an injury – sometimes through something as ridiculous as bending to lift the lid on the laundry basket!

Massimo – (chiropractor)

Tibor’s massage is very thorough and relaxing. I felt treated as a whole. In fact, to be more effective, when any specific part of my body was treated, he always considered and targeted the associated structures. His understanding of the body and the way it works is supported by his knowledge in martial arts.