How to makes your body more efficient?

Your muscles work by contractingtensing up.

Then when it finish the job, muscles could:
a) still work – keep same tension,
b) have a rest – be relaxed (usually something on the scale between).

What happened with your muscles after training, will massively affect to efficiency of your body, training plan & sports goals..


Tension & energy

Undesirable tension consumes a lot of our energy! It doesn’t mean, that you become better even when you sitting on the chair! It means, that you feel be more tired & have less energy for your training.

muscle tension2 

Also your antagonistic muscles with undesirable tension works against you – this negation of your power could be massive wasting your energy, make you slower & weaker. On the other hand, relaxed muscles spend less energy, makes you more efficient. E.g. if a marathon runner release 10% of his tension he has about 10% more energy to run quicker.

Than, high tension can be also limit of your training. If you relaxed your muscles you could increase your training plan.

So, how can we get rid of undesirable tension?

Probably one of the easiest way how to relax your body is massage therapy. A specialist could turn off muscles tension by a stimulation of your muscles & attachments.

However it’s good to combine massage with other methods, like: feel your tension & control it by mind, stretching, sauna, better  posture and others.


Healing & Recovery

What is our instinctive reaction if we hurt our head? We usually say ‘ow’ and rub the injured area with our hand. Why do we do this? Because

just simple touch starts a healing process.

Hard training is a bit similar like a small injury, therefore with right stimulation we can massively help to natural healing process – recovery.

Massage increase your blood circulation, which brings higher levels of oxygen, nutrients and immunoglobulins to your cells.

Massage also stimulates the lymphatic system which detoxifies the tissues in the body. It also aids reduction of inflammation and swelling.


Elasticity of your tissue

Too tensed tissue cause of many sports injury. Too tensed muscles, tendons & ligaments are more fragile (like too tensed spring of a guitar) – it can be easily injured. Massage relaxed tensed muscles, warm up & structure of your tissue – it makes it more elastic.

No wonder that professional sports teams have a club massage therapist.. They know, that massage increase efficiency of athletes & is also a great preventions to injury (nightmare of athletes & often also reason why their sports career finished).

Please, don’t wait till you feel pain from too tensed body & don’t risk your health, prevent to injury & upgrade yourself by massage – a natural healthy method, the positives of which have been tested by many cultures during many centuries..