Thinking about a nice positive Christmas present?

Tibor’s professional massage therapy helps your loved one to release tension and improve vital energy. Ask Tibor about a presentational Christmas card with your personal greeting.

How to makes your body more efficient?

Your muscles work by contracting – tensing up. Then when it finish the job, muscles could: a) still work – keep same tension, b) have a rest – be relaxed (usually something on the scale between). What happened with your muscles after training, will massively affect to efficiency of your body, training plan & sports […]

Tibor’s massage

– releases muscle tension – relieves spasms – reduces inflammation and swelling – eases headaches – reduces sleep problems – breaks down cellulite – detoxifies the tissues – helps your skin breath again – stimulates the whole body What do I need to do before my massage?Please tell me about any current health problems, aches, […]

Why am I tired?

Why are we so often tired and lacking energy..? Tense muscles, tendons and skin sap your body´s energy and will often lead to a feeling of tiredness. Tension in the muscles can even lead to pain. In addition, when muscles are tense you are more likely to suffer an injury – either to a specific […]


“Life Energy Cultivation program” Supple?  Dynamics?  Elastic strength?  Energy?  Relaxation?  Feeling force?     How to get more vital energy? Spend it all & body give you more! Be active. I am a vitality seeker for practically all my life. Result of my research is workshop which simply explain you how aspects of vitality works. […]

Why I became a massage therapist?

I’ve been always seeking ways of how to increase the efficiency of my body. I’ve  found massage improved my revitalising ability & got rid of my tension. Massage let me increase my training plan. Massage made me feel better generally. Massage is pleasurable. No wonder that I incorporated massage to my training… As I learnt […]