How wave relaxes tissue?

What happened if I wave this towel…? The towel doesn’t stay any more. The Wave breaks down tension. Therefore if you have a stiff neck, you subconsciously wave it. How would proper bodywave workout improve your body? Wouldn’t you too, like to be more relaxed & fluid..?

How to makes your body more efficient?

Your muscles work by contracting – tensing up. Then when it finish the job, muscles could: a) still work – keep same tension, b) have a rest – be relaxed (usually something on the scale between). What happened with your muscles after training, will massively affect to efficiency of your body, training plan & sports […]

Tibor’s new sports massage in The Gym in Tunbridge Wells

Now Tibor provides his massage in highly professional gym in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Don’t hesitate to test it how it could positively affect your feeling & efficiency. The Gym Rock Villa Road Tunbridge Wells Kent TN1 1HA Find Us Price

Tibor as efficiency seeker

Tibor Moravcik When I used to be an elite athlete (member of Slovakian National team of Kick-boxing & Karate), I found the limits of my body: especially with tension but also the necessary recovery time. I felt that if I did not recover properly I could get injured, inflammation, cramp or other problems. I found that massage was method which relaxed me, allowed me training more, get rid […]


1/2 hour £35 1 hour £45 Buy in front 10 massages & get 2 free massages (able to share) Buy in front 20 massages & get 6 free massages (able to share) You don’t need to be member of The Gym. You are more than welcome to bring your favourite oil or relaxing music.   […]

Bodywaving – New source of your power

You have two sources of the physical force: –  your muscles –  your momentum – mass of your body in motion Momentum can flow through relaxed body like it flow through water – make a wave. This ‘bodywave’ – is a massive force, which you can use or throw out. Most of us don’t know […]

Tibor’s massage

– releases muscle tension – relieves spasms – reduces inflammation and swelling – eases headaches – reduces sleep problems – breaks down cellulite – detoxifies the tissues – helps your skin breath again – stimulates the whole body What do I need to do before my massage?Please tell me about any current health problems, aches, […]

Why am I tired?

Why are we so often tired and lacking energy..? Tense muscles, tendons and skin sap your body´s energy and will often lead to a feeling of tiredness. Tension in the muscles can even lead to pain. In addition, when muscles are tense you are more likely to suffer an injury – either to a specific […]